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ROTC Program Celebrates Marines Corps' Birthday
ROTC Program Celebrates Marines Corps' Birthday
Governor Beshear presents check to Holmes High School as part of his Better Schools Program
Governor Beshear presents check to Holmes High School as part of his Better Schools Program
Go Bulldogs!
Go Bulldogs!
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Home of the Bulldogs
Gary Huhn Honored for Years of Service
Gary Huhn Honored for Years of Service
Go Bulldogs!
Go Bulldogs!
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2009 State Champions
Holmes High School
Holmes High School
Holmes High School
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Holmes Football Field
Holmes Football Field
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Students in Class
Students in Class
Students in Class
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Staff Directory

Last Updated: 7/2/2020 12:15 AM

Adams, Donna
9th Grade Counselor, Ext. 16212


Alexander, John
Bookstore Assistant, Ext. 16392


Andriacco, Kate
Mentoring Coordinator, Ext. 16360


Armstrong, Julie
Special Education Teacher, Ext. 13309


Arnold, Patty
Cafeteria Manager, Ext. 16390


Beauchamp, Anita
Health Teacher, Ext. 14202


Beiersdorfer, Jonathon
English Teacher, Ext.  13327


Bradford, Joshua
Social Studies Teacher, Ext. 13222


Breadon, Dona
Administrative Assistant - 9th/10th grade, Ext. 16206


Breetz, Eric
Carpentry Teacher, Ext. 15228


Brown, Ben
Special Education Teacher, Ext. 13963


Brown, Diana
North Key Therapist, Ex. 16350


Burnette, Alma
Media Center Assistant, Ext. 16553


Chames, Helen
School Security Assistant


Clark, David
School Security Assistant


Coleman, Elizabeth
11th grade Counselor, Ext. 16262


Coleman, Rebecca
Instructional Assistant Special Education, Ext. 13119


Cunningham, Kevin
Special Education Teacher, Ext. 13309


Dickens, Holly
Youth Service Center Assistant, Ext. 16525


Donskey, Shana
Special Education Teacher, Ext. 13106


Ellis, Ken
Athletic & Activities Director, Ext. 16260


Fields, Olivia
Science Teacher, Ext. 14102


Fite, Stephen
Science Teacher, Ext. 13318


Florer, Eli
Special Education Teacher, Ext. 13309


Fowee, Jennifer
Director of Health Services, Ext. 11131


Gallahar, Ashley
Assistant Principal - 9th/10th grade, Ext. 16207


Gilvin, Morgan
Art Teacher, Ext. 14100


Greve, Julia
Math Teacher, Ext. 13214


Griffith, Dawn
Math Teacher, Ext. 13212


Haney, Jeff
Science Teacher, Ext. 14201


Hardy, Lauren
Instructional Coach, Ext. 16310


Hartman, David
Assistant Principal - 11th/12th grade, Ext. 16510


Henson, Denise
Special Education Teacher, Ext. 13119


Hils, Maria
Social Studies Teacher, Ext. 13314


Hopkins, Jon
12th Grade Counselor, Ext. 16225


Huhn, Gary
School Support, Ext. 13965


Humes, Elvis
English Language Learners Teacher, Ext.


Kennison, Renata
Library/Media Center, Ext. 16552


Krieger, Conrad
Band Teacher, Ext. 15223


LaFollette, Julie
School Nurse, Ext. 16358


Lorenz, Ashley
College/Career Readiness Coach, Ext. 16309


Lykins, Amber
Administrative Assistant to Principals, Ext. 16209


Mackiewicz, Paul
Math Teacher, Ext. 13202


Magner, Tony
Co-Principal, Ext. 16210


McClure, Ashley
Community Learning Center Coordinator, Ext. 16352


Mitchell, Keith
Custodial Supervisor, Ext. 16220


Moore, Jason
Bulldog Virtual Academy Teacher, Ext.


Pastura, Kim
10th grade Counselor, Ext. 16508


Pope, Tracy


Reed, Matt
Graphic Design Teacher, Ext. 15324


Roundtree, Donny
Graphic Design Teacher, Ext. 15316


Sargent, Nicholas
Social Studies Teacher, Ext.


Schneider, Kailey
English Teacher, Ext. 13304


Spisak, Jarrett
Youth Service Center Coordinator, Ext. 16520


Stephens, Shelley
English Language Learner Teacher, Ext.


Stevens, Tina
Administrative Assistant - Athletic Office, Ext. 16261


Stowers, April
In-School Suspension, Ext. 13108


Stuntebeck, Molly
Instructional Assistant Special Education, Ext. 13121 


Terry, Kim
Director of Chapman Child Care, Ext. 16505


True, Jamie
Health Science Teacher, Ext. 15210


Turnick, Angela
Co-Principal, Ext. 16250


Vogelpohl, Jane
Bookstore Manager, Ext. 16396


Wharton, Julie
Community Learning Center Coordinator, Ext.  16351


Wlodyka, Mara
Athletic Trainer, Ext. 16546


Wyatt, Sally
Science Teacher, Ext. 14200

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