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ECERS - Early Childhood Enviromental Rating Scale

Last Updated: 8/5/2022 6:13 PM

Preschool teachers follow guidelines reflected in the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale, Third Edition (ECERS-3). Children are given time to develop large motor muscles and are given a significant opportunity for “free choice” each day. During this time, children choose where they would like to “work” from a variety of areas, which may include a house/dramatic play area, a block area, a fine motor area, an art area, a book/quiet area, and a computer center. A range of active movement activities and quiet small group or individual activities are also included, providing instruction is a variety of modalities.

Language development is also a huge part of each day, with all team members spending time engaging children in conversation. Self-help and adaptive skills, which include one and two step directions and taking care of hygiene needs, are also emphasized in preschool. It is the goal of preschool teams to provide an educational opportunity that not only expands children’s knowledge, but also encourages emotional and social development as well.






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