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Everyday Math

Pre-Kindergarten Everyday Mathematics is designed to be flexible enough to adapt to a wide range of preschool classrooms, including classrooms with mixed ages and classrooms with a wide range of developmental levels.  Many activities include suggestions to help modify the activity to make it accessible and interesting to children with varying needs, learning styles, or levels of proficiency or understanding.

The Everyday Math Curriculum emphasizes the following content, skills and concepts:

·         Number and Numeration: Verbal counting up to beyond 10; rational
counting with one to one correspondence; number recognition

·         Operations and Computation: Exploring the meaning of addition and
 subtraction; developing and using concrete strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems

·         Data and Chance: Collecting and organizing data; creating and analyzing concrete and pictorial graphs 

·         Measurement and Reference Frames: Distinguishing and describing size attributes; comparing length, weight, and capacity or volume; becoming familiar with nonstandard and measuring tools and their uses; sequencing familiar events in time

·         Geometry: Exploring 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes; recognizing and describing the position and location of objects

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