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first day back
First day back
Delivering Meals to Students
Delivering Meals to Students
Delivering Meals to Students
Delivering Meals to Students

Principal's Message

Welcome to James E. Biggs Early Childhood Education Center! This is my 14th year at James E. Biggs. I was a teacher here for 11 years and have been the Preschool Principal for 3 years.

James E. Biggs Early Childhood Education Center serves preschool children ages 3-5 in Covington, Kentucky. Biggs was establish in 1990 with the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA). We have eleven preschool classrooms, including morning and afternoon sessions. All our teachers having Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE) certification or approval from the Kentucky Professional Standard Board. James E. Biggs is a five star rated preschool and is also accredited through AdvancED.

Our motto is: "Building a strong foundation for education".  I feel very strongly about the importance of parental involvement in education. Our preschool environment supports and encourages this. It is critical to the academic success and personal growth of our students.

Our mascot is the Biggs Bee. Just as a community of bees works together to create a hive, we work with our students, families, and community to ensure that we are setting the foundation for our preschoolers future success in education.

Our curriculum supports a language rich environment through large and small group activities and work stations.  We provide a balance of large and small motor activities, while fostering the development of math and social skills. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all children.

My goal is to work with parents, teachers and the staff to create a seamless transition for our students when they move from preschool to kindergarten. 

We welcome parents, community members and business leaders to help us reach our goals, and to join us as we guide our students to Dream, Achieve and Succeed.

Elizabeth Miller


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