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Girls With Pearls
Governor Beshear presents check to Holmes High School as part of his Better Schools Program
Governor Beshear presents check to Holmes High School as part of his Better Schools Program
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ROTC Program Celebrates Marines Corps' Birthday
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Who-Dey and the Bengals visit John G. Carlisle
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Go Bulldogs!
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Mayor's Reading Challenge Winners
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Gary Huhn Honored for Years of Service
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New playground for Ninth District
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Camp Covington 2021
Camp Covington 2021
Camp Covington 2021
Camp Covington 2021
Camp Covington 2021
Camp Covington 2021
Camp Covington 2021
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Learning is Fun
Learning is Fun
Learning is Fun
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What is the difference between certified employee and classified employee?

Certified – a certificate is required issued by the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board

Classified – a license is not required with the exception of positions such as school nurse, bus driver, etc.


Where can I view both certified and classified current vacancies?

All vacancies are posted at each school/district building and are available on the district website under the Employment Opportunities tab.


How do I apply to CIPS?

Go to the Employment Opportunities section on this website to complete an online application and view/apply to current job postings. Go to the “Apply Online” icon and then to “To View Job Postings and Apply Online, Click Here.” Upon completion of the application (especially all required areas), do not forget to activate your application.


Which application should I use for a specific vacancy and what materials are needed to make my application complete?

Classified Application: Use to apply to postings such as custodian, instructional assistant, maintenance, bus driver, bus monitor, food service assistant/food service substitute, Family Resource Center advocate or coordinator, school nurse. For additional information or assistance contact Kim Fossett at or 859-392-1014.


Can you notify me when there is an opening for a specific job?

We are unable to call individuals when we have specific vacancies. All vacancies are posted at each school/district building and are available on the district website.


How do I obtain a Kentucky Teaching Certificate?

For information about obtaining a Kentucky Teaching Certificate, contact the KY Educational Professional Standards Board (EPSB) at 1-888-598-7667; visit the EPSB website at Application form TC-1 may be downloaded from the EPSB website.

Kentucky teaching certification can be renewed with additional college hours or teaching experience depending on the type of certificate. Refer to your teaching certificate for renewal requirements. The EPSB renewal form (TC-2) may be downloaded from the EPSB website.


How is my salary determined?

Teachers and Speech Language Pathologist: Salary is based on rank and experience. An original Kentucky certificate and verified experience is required for determination of your location on the salary schedule.


Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

Yes. Your on-line application may be used for several job openings. You must pay attention to the certifications (Teacher/Administrative/Professional Application) or the skill requirements (Classified Application) on the job opening postings. You must meet the requirements stated on a specific job opening and the certifications and skills must match those listed on the job posting.

Please make sure you are using the correct application for the job type, and be sure to update your application periodically.


What type of criminal history background check do you require?

After receiving an offer of employment with Covington Independent Public Schools, a criminal history background check will be made through the following agencies:
• Kentucky State Police and FBI
• Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts
• (bus drivers)


How do I add an area/rank to my teaching certificate or renew my certificate?

The TC-1 and TC-2 applications may be downloaded from the Education Professional Standards Board website at .

TC-1: Add a subject area or change your rank.

TC-2: Renew a teaching certificate or,
Apply for an extension if renewal requirements have not been met. You do need to contact a Certification Consultant at Education Professional Standards Board, 1-888-598-7667.

Kentucky teaching certification can be renewed with additional college hours or teaching experience depending on the type of certificate. Refer to your teaching certificate for renewal requirements.

Kentucky Teaching Certification is issued by Kentucky Educational Professional Standards Board. For information visit the standards board website at or contact EPSB at 1-888-598-7667.


How long does it take for Education Professional Standards Board to issue my license?

Education Professional Standards Board handles a heavy volume of certification transactions during the summer months. It is best not to wait until the last minute to apply and ensure standards board receives all of the documentation required to issue certification. Most delays are due to incomplete applications and delay in receiving required transcripts, etc.

If all of the information is received by standards board, the turn-around time is approximately 2-3 weeks depending on the volume of transactions at any given time.

You should also review and update your name and address if needed.


What is tenure?

KRS 161.740 Eligibility for continuing service status – Limited status employee on approved military leave – Transfer of teacher – Reinstatement after service in Armed Forces.
(1) Teachers eligible for continuing service status in any school district shall be those teachers who meet qualifications listed in this section:
(a) Hold a standard or college certificate as defined in KRS 161.720 or meet the certification standards for vocational education teachers established by the Education Professional Standards Board.
(b) When a currently employed teacher is reemployed by the superintendent after teaching four (4)
consecutive years in the same district, or after teaching four (4) years which shall fall within a period not to exceed six (6) years in the same district, the year of present employment included, the superintendent shall issue a written continuing contract if the teacher assumes his duties, and the superintendent shall notify the board of the action taken. A limited status employee on approved military leave shall be awarded service credit for each year of military service or each year of combined military and school service within a school year toward continuing contract status. If the leave time will qualify the teacher for continuing contract status, the local district may require the teacher to complete a one (1) year probationary period upon return. If required, the local district shall notify the teacher in writing within fourteen (14) days following receipt of the military leave request. Each day served in the General Assembly by a board of education employee during a regular or extraordinary session shall be included in the computation of a year as defined in KRS 161.720(2).
(c) When a teacher has attained continuing contract status in one district and becomes employed in another district, the teacher shall retain that status. However, a district may require a one (1) year probationary period of service in that district before granting that status. For purposes of this subsection, the continuing contract of a teacher shall not be terminated when the teacher leaves employment, all provisions of KRS 161.720 to 161.810 to the contrary notwithstanding, and the continuing service contract shall be transferred to the next school district, under conditions set forth in this section, for a period of up to seven (7) months from the time employment in the first school district has terminated. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to give a teacher a right to reemployment in the first school district during the seven (7) month period following termination.
(d) Service credit toward a continuing contract shall begin only when a teacher is properly certified as defined in KRS 161.720(6) or, in the case of a vocational education teacher, when the required certification standards established by the Education Professional Standards Board have been met.
(2) Vocational education teachers fulfilling the requirements in subsection (1) of this section as of July 15, 1982, shall be eligible for continuing service status.
(3) Whether employed under a limited contract or continuing service contract status, any teacher or superintendent who has been or may be hereafter inducted into the Armed Forces of this country, shall at the expiration of service be reemployed or reinstated in a comparable position as of the beginning of the next school year, provided application is made at least thirty (30) days before the opening of school, unless physically or mentally incapacitated according to medical notations on official discharge papers. Vacancies created by military leaves shall be filled by teachers or superintendents employed by the board of education under a limited contract of one (1) year or less.
Effective: July 13, 2004
History: Amended 2004 Ky. Acts ch. 161, sec. 3, effective July 13, 2004. -- Amended 2001 Ky. Acts ch. 136, sec. 3, effective June 21, 2001. -- Amended 1990 Ky. Acts ch. 476, Pt. II, sec. 82, effective July 13, 1990. -- Amended 1982 Ky. Acts ch. 354, sec. 1, effective July 15, 1982; and ch. 401, sec. 1, effective July 15, 1982. -- Amended 1974 Ky. Acts ch. 185, sec. 1. -- Amended 1964 Ky. Acts ch. 41, sec. 3. -- Amended 1954 Ky. Acts ch. 60, sec. 1. -- Amended 1944 Ky. Acts ch. 98, sec. 1. -- Created 1942 Ky. Acts ch. 113, sec. 3.
Four (4) consecutive years – refers to teaching for the equivalent of at least 140 six-hour days. Any term of employment (including a leave of absence) that does not meet this standard does not count toward tenure, although it may count toward experience for salary purposes. The school year consists of 177 instructional days. To obtain tenure you must teach 140 six-hour days. Sick Leave, Personal Leave, Professional Development Days do not count toward tenure.
Assume duties – a teacher eligible for tenure who does not report for work during the year in which tenure occurs does not qualify for it under other provisions of this statute.
Become employed – this requires direct movement from one district to another within a seven-month window. CIPS requires a teacher tenured in another district or tenured in CIPS and reemployed to fulfill a one-year probationary contract.
Properly certified – for purposes of eligibility for tenure, a teacher cannot count any year in which he or she is employed under a certificate not defined in KRS 161.720(6). Holders of an adjunct instructor certificate shall be employed on an annual contract basis and shall not be eligible for continuing service status pursuant to KRS 161.740
Tenure status is obtained when a teacher meets all of the statutory requirements set forth in KRS 161.740 and other applicable statutes.


How do I apply for a Leave of Absence and/or FMLA?

Follow the procedures for taking a leave of absence.


What is the Sick Leave Bank?

At the May 1989 meeting of the Covington Board of Education, a Sick Leave Bank was approved permitting employees to contribute to a Sick Leave Bank. This allows participating employees to draw from this bank in case of medical emergencies. Certified employees draw from the Certified Sick Leave Bank and classified employees draw from the Classified Sick Leave Bank.
Each participating member shall contribute three days of his/her annual sick leave to the bank at initial enrollment. These three days will be deducted from his/her accumulated sick leave. Once the bank falls below 60 days, each member will be asked to contribute one additional day. Failure to contribute this additional day will result in loss of membership.
On September 1, all employees receive an application and the policy concerning the certified sick leave bank (via e-mail or district mail). September 30 is the Sick Leave Bank deadline for enrollment for the school year. The application is returned to the personnel office via the principal’s office by September 30.
The identity of the employee requesting days from the sick leave bank is confidential. A five-member Sick Leave Approval Committee will make determination on eligibility of requested days. Upon approval of the Sick Leave Bank Committee, benefits will be provided at the rate of one (1) day for each day of work missed up to and including the number of sick leave days that the member had accumulated at the beginning of the current contract year.
Sick Leave Bank days are for use only during the school year in which the member is enrolled and are to be used for catastrophic illness or injury suffered by a participating member only. Refer to Board Policy 03.12321.


What is Sick Leave Donation?

The certified sick leave donation program permits employees to voluntarily contribute sick leave to another employee in the Covington Independent Public School District who are in need of an extended absence from school.

Refer to Board Policy 03.1232 and 03.2232.

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